Symphony for Students

"Thank you for these good tickets.  This was a chance of a lifetime."
  — a child from Big Brothers Big Sisters of King & Pierce Counties

The Northwest Symphony Orchestra provides educational enrichment and free student concert tickets for the Highline School District. Our Symphony for Students program is currently seeking opportunities to introduce school-age children to new ideas about music and the performing arts.

Please contact NWSO at (206) 242-6321 if you are interested in a visit to your school or receiving free student concert tickets.

Comments from students of Parkside Elementary

"Thank you for the free tickets and the opportunity to watch a symphony and learn about it more than I had. I have never been to a symphony and really enjoyed the music and performances given by the people. This experience has enlightened me in music and how pretty music can be. Also, I realized that there can be different moods to music including sad, mad, happy, joyous, and many more. This was a lifetime experience and I probably wouldn't have gone to if it wasn't for you. I wanted to thank you very much and I hope to see another symphony."
       — Marissa P.

"Thank you for giving us 20 free tickets. I think the songs were the best ever. It was entertaining and lots of fun."
       — Anna B.

"I really enjoyed your concert for Halloween in October! My favorite piece was the Russian Sailors Dance! It was very lively. I also enjoyed the costumes of the performers! It was also fun seeing three of the instruments I play - harp, cello, french horn. I loved the concert!"
       — Ilana

"I was sitting in the front four seats during the show. I really enjoyed watching and listening to the music. My favorite piece was the second to the last one. All and all, my absolute favorite part of the symphony was the maestro and looking at the attire of the musicians. That is, besides the show itself."
       — Hattie D.