NWSO Members Resource

Web page providing information for NWSO members.

Rehearsal and Concert schedule

  • Rehearsal Schedule and Absences

    All rehearsals are considered mandatory. The dress rehearsal is absolutely mandatory. 

    If you must miss a rehearsal please communicate your absence as possible so we can plan accordingly.  Send email to Morven Balmidiano, Orchestra Logistics Manager, m.balmidiano@yahoo.com, Anthony Spain, anthonyspainnwso@gmail.com, your section leader and/or your stand partner or section. 

    For unscheduled absences, e.g., illness, late work hours, etc., and to report tardiness, you may call or text the orchestra manager at (425) 213-6492. If text-messaging, please remember to leave your name and please do not text & drive. 

    Musicians playing one on a part (brass and woodwinds) require a substitute at non-dress rehearsals so that the overall structure of the music is realized.

    Please refer to NWSO Handbook for additional information regarding absences.

NWSO Members handbook

NOTE: NWSO Members Handbook is currently under Review

The opportunity to participate in the Northwest Symphony Orchestra requires a serious commitment on the part of the musicians. Cooperation in following the guidelines set forth in this handbook will help meet the demands of the music and the artistic level to which we all aspire as an orchestra, and achieve a rewarding experience for all members of the orchestra, our colleagues, clients, and audience. 

standard rehearsal time and location

  • Standard Rehearsal Times
    NOTE: Times may change due to rehearsal requirement

    • Rehearsal Call Time: 6:55 PM

    • Downbeat: 7:05 PM

    • End: 9:35 PM

  • Standard Concert Week Schedule

  • Standard Rehearsal Location

    Congregational Church on Mercer Island
    4545 Island Crest Way, Mercer Island, WA

concert week schedule and location

  • Concert Week Time Schedule

    • Rehearsal Call Time: 6:50 PM

    • Downbeat: 7:00 PM

    • End Time: 10:00 PM

  • Concert Location
    Highline Performing Arts Center (HPAC), Burien
    401 S 152nd St, Burien, WA

other rehearsal and concert locations

  • Holy Rosary Church, West Seattle
    4210 SW Genesee St, Seattle, WA

  • Federal Way Performing Arts Center, Federal Way
    31510 Pete von Reichbauer Way South, Federal Way, WA

  • Benaroya Hall
    200 University Street, Seattle, WA


The dress code described is standard concert attire for symphony orchestras.

  • Women

    • You are free to wear a polished black outfit of your choice but it should meet the requirements listed below

    • Long black dress or long black skirt/dress pants

      • Mid length black skirt or dress worn with black hose stockings

      • If you choose this option please select a skirt or dress with length below the knees when seated

    • Black blouse

      • Elbow length or longer (preferred)

      • Please avoid spaghetti strap style top

    • Black shoes, black stockings

    • Unobtrusive jewelry

    • Refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or scented hair spray

  • Men

    • Any outfit below with black shoes & black socks

    • Black tuxedo with white tux shirt and black bow tie (preferred)

    • Black suit with white shirt and black bow tie

    • Black suit with black shirt and black tie

    • Refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or scented hair spray


  • Anthony Spain, NWSO Music Director & Conductor
    Email: anthonyspainnwso@gmail.com
    Phone: (206) 683-9072

  • Morven Balmidiano (Cello), NWSO Logistics Manager
    Email: m.balmidiano@yahoo.com
    Phone: (425) 213-6492 

  • Joel Kuni (Violin), NWSO Board President
    Email: joelkuni@hotmail.com
    Phone: (206) 909-1745

  • Dennis Roth (Violin), Discounted Ticket Sales & Complimentary Student Tickets
    Email: deroth100@msn.com
    Phone: (425) 235-5559

  • Roberta Rominger (Cello), Mercer Island Rehearsal Site Contact
    Congregational Church on Mercer Island
    Email: roberta.rominger@gmail.com
    Phone: (360) 932-4562